6 of the best subscription boxes for fitness junkies

 mashable.com  4/17/2018 9:00:00 AM   Leah Stodart

Jersey Shore is back after six years, which means we're in for a lot more "Gym, Tan, Laundry." 

Fitness junkies know how important having a workout routine is, but daily responsibilities and hectic schedules are constantly getting in the way of trips to the gym. Or, on the one day you actually have time to go, you realize you're completely out of protein powder or don't have any clean socks. Because life is inconvenient like that.

Good thing tons of fitness-related subscription boxes exist. 

Cratejoy has lots of options tailored to fitness goals and healthy eating, and we've gone through and pulled out the ones with the best reviews. 

With a subscription to one of these boxes, you'll always be prepared for a workout — even if your day's schedule gets totally messed up. Plus, subscription boxes are the best way to discover new brands of gear or snacks that you may not have known about otherwise.

The Barbell Box

The Barbell Box is a well-reviewed premium subscription box with stuff that can help take your training to the next level. Receive a monthly dose (like, $85+ worth) of various fitness gear, protein supplements, shaker bottles, workout clothes and accessories, and more. 

Items can be tailored toward men or women — learn more and subscribe for $54.99/month here.

Super Gains Pack

Image: super gains pack

Speaking of gains, this box is literally called the Super Gains Pack. C'mon, even the name sounds badass. Similar to Barbell Box, the Super Gains Pack sends a monthly does of everything you'll need to make your workout hit its full potential: protein bars and supplements, shaker bottles, socks, and other apparel from a variety of premium brands. But don't just take our word for it: Peep the five star rating and tons of positive reviews. (No, we're serious. We really can't find a bad one.)

Learn more and subscribe to a men's or women's box for $34.99/month here — and use code SGAINSP10 to get an extra 10% off at checkout.

Runner Crate

Image: runner box

Some people hit the gym, and some people hit the road. The Runner Box, otherwise known as "a marathon in a box," is perfect for people who think it's fun to run six miles — or for those who want to get into running, but aren't sure where to start. Each month, you'll get goodies that every cardio enthusiast will appreciate: headphones, protein bars and other healthy snacks, water bottles, and more — many coming from unique brands that are hard to get anywhere else. One customer even mentioned in her review that the supplies in her boxes have literally helped her finish marathons. 

The Runner Crate comes in two different sizes, with prices starting at $18.97 a month — learn more and subscribe here.


prtnbox, or as they call it, #gainsinabox, is everything you need to make sure your muscles are getting what they need (and that your iron pumping isn't going to waste). Each month's box is filled with 9-10 goodies, including protein bars, chips, powders, ready-to-drink protein drinks, jerky, nut bars, and butters, as well as pure supplements, gym gear, and more. Getting buff has never been so convenient.

Learn more and subscribe for $32/month here.

My Keto Snack Box

Image: my keto snack box

If you've been on social media at all in recent months, you've probably seen someone posting about their ketogenic diet. If you're still in the dark, it's basically a super low carb diet. It's called "keto" because the body produces body-fueling ketones when it's lacking in carbs. When this happens, your fat stores are needed for energy, basically making your body a fat burning machine — ideal for those trying to lose weight or get super cut. Meat, veggies, and eggs are in, and potatoes, pasta, and desserts are out.

Except most of us don't have time to go to the store to hand pick the perfect low carb snacks, which is where My Keto Snack Box comes in. You'll receive a monthly package filled with 6-8 high protein snacks (with less than five grams of carbs), including protein bars, crackers, cheese, jerky and pork rinds, plus some things you wouldn't expect, like cookies. 

 Guilt-free snacking is possible, y'all. Learn more and subscribe for $38/month here.

Barbella Box

Image: barbella box

Picked by badass ladies, for badass ladies, the Barbella Box is the ultimate girl power fitness box for female athletes who love all things CrossFit. Each month, you'll receive a mix of items like protein supplements, healthy snacks, workout accessories, deodorant, sunglasses, and premium CrossFit and weightlifting apparel like socks and sports bras. It's basically a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods, but the stuff is cuter and you don't have to go out in public.

Learn more and subscribe for $49.99/month here.

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