51,856 apprehended on Mexican border in November, most of Trump's presidency

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    • Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen
      President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani trashed the president’s former longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, in the wake of federal prosecutors recommending “substantial” prison time for Cohen.
    • 091417 gehrke very bright-pic
      President Trump's nominee for the role of United Nations ambassador once played herself in three episodes of espionage drama “24" that featured counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer.
    • Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen
      The White House claimed Friday that new legal filings in the cases involving President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and Trump's former longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, offer nothing new or damaging about the president.
    • Alan Dershowitz screenshot
      Alan Dershowitz argued Friday that federal prosecutors seeking a “substantial term of imprisonment” for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is bad news for special counsel Robert Mueller.
    • VP chief of staff Nick Ayers
      President Trump appears poised to make Nick Ayers his third chief of staff as he prepares for re-election, replacing John Kelly with a wunderkind political operative whose confident, no-nonsense manner has ruffled feathers but also stirred admiration.
    • Former FBI director James Comey speaks during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington.
      Former FBI Director James Comey knocked the man who fired him in 2017 Friday and said all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, should be gravely concerned about his treatment of the Justice Department.
    • Special counsel Robert Mueller (left) and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort (right) are shown.
      Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort told “multiple discernible lies” to FBI investigators and special counsel Robert Mueller's team in the months since he reached a plea deal agreement in Washington.
    • 081417 Giaritelli denied bail guy pic
      A self-proclaimed neo-Nazi was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing a woman at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., last year.
    • Sen. David Perdue
      Sen. David Perdue conceded in an interview that the federal debt is unlikely to be addressed as both parties turn their attention to the 2020 presidential campaign.
    • President Trump and James Comey
      President Trump lashed out at James Comey and the Justice Department on Friday after the former FBI director declined to answer several questions relating to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.
    • Michael Cohen in New York
      Federal prosecutors in New York said Friday they want to send former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to prison for a "substantial term" for the campaign finance violations he pleaded guilty to in August.
    • Migrant Border Protection
      Federal law enforcement agents arrested a group of 63 people Thursday, including 52 young men, who allegedly illegally crossed from Mexico into Texas, a Customs and Border Protection spokesperson told the Washington Examiner.
    • George Papadopoulos
      George Papadopoulos, a former adviser to President Trump’s campaign, was released from a Wisconsin prison Friday morning.
    • Tesla's Elon Musk
      General Motors, grappling with increasing federal opposition to its decision to lay off thousands of workers and end production in several North American plants, may have a potential buyer for one of the facilities.
    • Adam Smith
      The Trump administration’s decision to keep thousands of troops deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border through the holidays is irresponsible and one more reason why the mission should be ended, Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., said in a statement Friday.
    • High school teacher Peter Vlaming chats at a West Point School Board hearing in West Point, Va. The board voted unanimously to dismiss Vlaming, a high school teacher who refused to use a transgender student's new pronouns.
      A French high school teacher who refused to use male pronouns for a transgender student has been fired following a vote from the school board.

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