10 handy tips before going on a vacation with family

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Travelling is always fun and if your family is accompanying you, a vacation can be the best thing to take a break. You get a chance to spend some quality time with your family away from the monotony of daily life. Besides spending time with your family, you also get to explore new lands and experience new things. That is why everyone looks forward to having a vacation with their family. You must do too. But, what if you face unforeseen eventualities when travelling? Wouldn't you face inconveniences?When travelling with family, every one wishes to have a smooth vacation. But eventualities might occur if you do not plan your vacation properly. Here are 10 handy tips for you when you are planning your vacation:

Decide on the destination in advance

Adventurous travel is good if you are going alone or backpacking across the word. But if you are travelling with your family, going to unknown places is a complete no-no. You should shortlist the destination in advance. This would give your family knowledge about the place and they can pack according to the demands of the destination.

Make a budget

Overstretching your budget on the trip is common when you are travelling with your family. When you return from the vacation, you stare at a dent in your financial plan and then try and fill the dent. Avoid denting your finances in the first place.

Make advance hotel reservations

If you are going during the peak season, chances are that others are also booking their vacations with their families. In that case, getting a desirable accommodation is difficult as hotels get booked in advance. So, be a wise traveller. Book your hotel accommodations in advance. You would not only get assured lodging but the rates would also be low.

Book the tickets in advance

Airfares are always low when they are booked in advance. Moreover, when booked in advance, tickets are even available. So, book your travel tickets in advance and avoid any nasty surprises in future.

Plan your itinerary

After the hotel and travel tickets are booked, plan your trip itinerary. List down the places of interest, things to do and other things which you plan to do at your trip destination. Look for any major attractions and book your tickets in advance for such attraction.

Check passport, arrange for visa

Check whether your passport has expired or is still valid. If your children are also travelling with you, arrange for their passports as well. If you are visiting a foreign country, make sure to apply for a visa for yourself and your family members.

Pack wisely

Knowing the destination helps you pack properly. If you are travelling to a beach destination, a lot of summer clothes should be packed. For hilly areas, warm winter clothes are a must. So, pack according to your chosen destination. Make proper arrangements for your children and pack spare clothes for them.

Add medicines to your list

When travelling with children and senior citizens, medicines should be packed. Even if you are travelling with your spouse, pack some basic medicines for headaches, fever, stomach disorders, etc. You never know which medicine would prove handy in an emergency

Take spare cash, arrange for currency exchange

If you are travelling within the UAE, you don't have to exchange your currency. But for other nations, ensure you have sufficient currency of the destination country. Despite having credit and debit cards, make sure to have liquid cash in hand too. This proves very useful in a crisis. Store your cash in multiple places so that even in case of theft of your wallet, you have sufficient funds to help you complete your trip.

Buy travel insurance

The last and the most important tip is to buy a travel insurance plan. Though you might plan your trip in details, some contingencies are beyond your control. For instance, you might contract an infection and require hospitalisation or your trip might be delayed due to weather extremities. In such cases, a travel insurance plan comes in handy. The plan pays for the financial costs incurred in travel-related contingencies and thus comes in useful.These tips, when followed, make your vacation a memorable event. Since you are planning a trip with your family, make your trip enjoyable. Follow these tips and be prepared against any emergencies.

The writer is the founder and CEO of iCareinsure. Vies expressed are her own and do not reflect the newspaper's policy.

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