10 Cyber Monday Deals That Will Make Great Gifts: Roomba, GoPro, and More

 wired.com  12/02/2019 12:30:00   Adrienne So
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We know you're going holiday gift shopping! Let us help.

At the Gadget Lab, we love gear. We talk about it all day, every day (can't stop, won't stop). That makes us a natural resource for our friends and family, who pepper us with requests for recommendations so they can take advantage of Cyber Monday sales and blast through some of their holiday shopping.

These are our favorite bargains that we're either recommending or buying for our own loved ones. For more gift ideas, don't forget to browse the rest of our extensive Black Friday coverage, conveniently placed directly below.

WIRED's Cyber Monday Coverage

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  • 1More stylish headphones
    1More Stylish Wirefree Earbuds for $65 ($35 off)

    We might love Apple's new AirPod Pros, but you don't really want to pay that much for a bud that can drop out and fall into a sewer while you're walking. 1More's buds are our favorite wireless earbuds, and they come with an exceptionally reasonable price tag, though you need to use the promo code "BFCM" to see the discount applied. They also have crisp audio and more than 6.5 hours of battery per charge. We like them so much that we recommended them in this year's Wish List, even without this significant discount.

  • Nixplay Seed 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame for $130 ($30 off)

    A large, handsome digital picture is one of the best presents that I've given my own geeky dad in years. Unlike Instagram or Google Photos, the Seed will display your rotating pictures in either adjustable landscape or portrait mode on a beautiful 1024x768 LCD screen. It also has 8 GB of internal storage in case it goes offline, and it looks professional enough to keep at work.

  • TCL 55-inch 5 Series 4K TV (2019) for $330 ($120 off)

    You don't need to spend four figures to get a great viewing experience! TCL's 5-series is our top pick for a new entry-level TV. It looks better than the HD set you're currently attempting to upgrade, and it also comes with Roku built-in. You can start streaming right out of the box.

  • Yubico YubiKey 2-Pack for $120 ($20 off)

    This winter, give your loved one the gift of online security. A Yubikey is a simple, tiny fob that you attach to your keychain and plug into your computer to log into your online accounts. A hacker might be able to deduce your email address or phone number, but they're going to have to work a lot harder to pull a physical key out of your hand. They also make one with a Lightning connector for your iPhone.

  • Google Chromecast Ultra for $50 ($20 off)

    Are you traveling for the holidays? The best, easiest, and cheapest way to make sure your kids can still watch their beloved Paw Patrol at Grandpa's house is with a Chromecast. Start the video on your phone, and then toss (er, cast) it to the device to start watching on whatever TV is nearby. It works with both Android and iOS phones, and you don't even need a remote, but the setup process might take a few minutes.

  • Even most experienced home cooks rarely use a sous vide wand, which is a method of cooking that involves dropping bagged food into a temperature-controlled water bath. The results are usually spectacular. But if someone you love is skeptical, the Anova Nano is an easy, and now even more affordable, way for them to try it out. Unlike competitors like the Joule, Anova's wands have a touchscreen display that let you operate the wand without digging out your phone.

  • BioLite Headlamp 330 for $40 ($10 off)

    The odds are that your outdoorsy loved one already has several headlamps, but this headlamp will ruin those for him or her forever. The battery pack is in the back, which allows the soft, light headlamp to have a slim profile of only 9 millimeters. It lies flush on my forehead without jiggling and helps me keep from twisting my ankle while running through pitch-dark forests. The battery lasts for 40 hours, which means I don't have to recharge it for weeks at a time.

  • Eufy RoboVac 11S for $160 ($80 off)

    When we polled staffers on what they wanted this Black Friday, many replied with a new robot vacuum. Many of our favorites are out of our price range for a gift, but a reliable robot vacuum for under $200 is still a steal. If you don't mind random bounce navigation, Eufy's budget botvac is quiet, adroit, and easy to use.

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