0 identity left: Fan fury at new progressive Juventus shirt

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Published time: 12 May, 2019 16:01 Edited time: 12 May, 2019 16:02

0 identity left: Fan fury at new progressive Juventus shirt

If theres one sure way to piss off football fans, its changing an iconic kit design. Yet thats exactly what Juventus has done, ditching its traditional black and white stripes in favor of a half-and-half pattern.

Supporters have become used to their teams churning out multiple new jerseys each year as part of football’s relentless commercialism. While those shameless cash grabs have become the norm, one thing fans won’t accept is their traditions being ditched to service this unending cycle.

So Juventus were asking for trouble when they broke from history to unveil the new shirt which it says marks the “progressive new era of Juventus.”

The Italian giants unveiled next season’s strip on Sunday describing it as a “daring new design [which] evokes the past, whilst igniting the future of the club through the evolution of the iconic black and white stripes.”

Many have taken issue with the new design, taking to Twitter to describe it as “one of the worst kits in football history.” The pink line down the middle of the shirt also raised the ire of many fans, but Juventus say it’s a nod to its first ever shirt.

0 identity left

— David (@LudoSZN) May 12, 2019

This has to be one of the worst kits in football history.

— Mathias Kainz (@MathiasKainz) May 12, 2019

Modern zebra. pic.twitter.com/6uqmEwQbkw

— Emilio Sansolini (@EmilioSansolini) May 12, 2019

Left or right? pic.twitter.com/CtbelWRYwX

— Jonathan De Nunzio (@jdenunzio) May 12, 2019


— Juvefc.com (@juvefcdotcom) May 12, 2019


— Arrow (@bianconeroshiro) May 12, 2019

So it looks like the kit won’t exactly be flying off the shelves at sports stores. But not to worry, there’ll surely be a new one released soon.

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