Destiny 2

5 things you should know before the Destiny 2 Beta release

After months of talk and teases, the Destiny 2 beta is nearly upon us. In just a few short days, gamers playing on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to get an early look at the game. With a game as big as Destiny 2, there are quite few things about this beta to cover, so here are five … Continue reading

Destiny 2 PC details start with no dedicated servers

There’s no doubt that a lot of console players are excited for the launch of Destiny 2, but those who claim PC as their favorite platform have plenty of reason to be excited as well. While console players got to experience the first game in all of its (sometimes rough) glory, this will be the first shot PC players have … Continue reading

Have a look at Destiny 2’s gameplay reveal trailer

It’s a pretty big day for Destiny fans, as Bungie and Activition have revealed the first gameplay trailer for Destiny 2. The game, which was officially revealed a couple of months back, seems to have a lot in common with the original Destiny, though today Bungie also revealed some new features that will make Destiny 2 stand out from its … Continue reading

Destiny 2 has been officially announced

To no one’s surprise, Destiny 2 has been officially announced in a tweet. The game was recently leaked in a promotional poster which itself indicated the game will be released on September 8 (in Europe, where the poster was found), though that detail is yet to be confirmed. Such a release date would line up with Activision’s previous statements that … Continue reading

Bungie Actually Announces 'Destiny 2' - Forbes

Forbes Bungie Actually Announces 'Destiny 2' Forbes File under: expected, but exciting. Destiny 2 has hardly been a secret for a long time now, but it appears that Bungie has begun loading up the hype train for a full announcement, probably at E3, though perhaps sooner. today, we got an official teaser ... Destiny 2 officially announced Polygon Bungie Officially Announces Destiny 2 Twinfinite Bun...

The Case For A Clean Slate In 'Destiny 2' - Forbes

Forbes The Case For A Clean Slate In 'Destiny 2' Forbes I can't remember the last time I wrote two Destiny articles in a single day, but there is no end to earth-moving Destiny news this week, it seems. This morning, fans discovered the answer to Rise of Iron's big mystery which started with an ARG and ... Destiny: Rise of Iron review Polygon Destiny: Rise of Iron Review - Becoming Legend, Well S...

Destiny 2 "Rebooted" - Report - GameSpot

GameSpot Destiny 2 "Rebooted" - Report GameSpot The upcoming Destiny sequel has been "rebooted," according to a report from Kotaku. Additionally, the site claims there was a staff reorganization and The Taken King director Luke Smith is now leading development on Destiny 2. This information was ... Destiny's Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events canceled due to unlimited rockets glitch GameZone...