Black Lightning

Longest lightning records may shock you

Oklahoma and France are home to the longest lightning records for flash duration and distance.

Try these Lightning headphones with your new iPhone 7

If you're splurging on a new iPhone 7, you've probably already gotten over its lack of a headphone jack. So, now it's time to shift your focus to compatible headphones. We've heard loads about AirPods, Apple's new pair of wireless earbuds — but what about options for people who want to avoid Bluetooth? It might be time to go Lightning. SEE ALSO: No, Apple, killing your headphone jack is not 'cour...

Because regular lightning is not scary enough, here's T-Rex lightning

Nature is terrifying. It's got (well, it had) terrifying dinosaurs roaming on Earth, the scariest of all being the predatory Tyrannosaurus Rex. And it's also got lightning, in which huge bolts of electricity just randomly strike the ground from the sky. Now, combine the two. SEE ALSO: Telephone pole struck by lightning explodes into smithereens A photo posted on Facebook by the U.S. Department of...

5-year-old boy dies in lightning strike

A 5-year-old boy died Sunday afternoon after being struck by lightning on North Carolina's Outer Banks, said Chief Ralph Melton of Currituck County Fire and EMS.

Lightning strikes hurt 14 in Europe

Lightning strikes injured at least 14 people in France and Germany Saturday, leaving as many as nine of them severely hurt, authorities said. Podcast favorites: Bernie gets the Axe | Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes GOP Leader

Venezuela has the world's lightning hot spot

There is a new global lightning hot spot and it is not Florida or Africa. According to a recent study, the new lightning capital of the world is Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.