American Vandal

Krauthammer: American kids taught 'abnormal, anti-American' lessons

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told Fox News Monday night that American students are being taught "about all of the pathologies of the United States and very little of the glories."

California park rangers search for 'promposal' vandal

Park Rangers in Southern California are looking for the vandal who scrawled a “promposal” across a red rock in the mountains.

State of the American Workplace

The State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders report highlights findings from Gallup's ongoing study of the American workplace from 2010 through 2012. This is a continuation of Gallup's previous report on the U.S. workplace covering 2008 through 2010. This latest report provides insights into what leaders can do to improve employee engagement and perf...

The Coddling of the American Mind

S omething strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is arising, undirected and driven largely by students, to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense. Last December, Jeannie Suk wrote in an online article for The New Yorker about law students asking her fellow professors at Harvard not to teach rape law—or, in o...