MIT invented shape-shifting pasta that reduces packaging waste

Imagine purchasing a package of pasta that is slim, flat, and contains minimal bits of cardboard or plastic. Now imagine removing that flat, uninspiring pasta and, a few minutes after boiling it, discovering that the noodles had transformed into new shapes. Such is a possibility introduced by MIT’s Tangible Media Group, with researchers developing a new type of past that … Continue reading

Chipotle on payment system breach: ‘most’ stores affected

Late last month, restaurant franchise Chipotle Mexican Grill revealed that it had suffered a security breach affecting its POS system. The company has released an update on that revelation, saying that ‘most’ of its stores in the US were affected by the malware. Chipotle says the investigation into the breach, which involved both law enforcement and security firms, has been … Continue reading

Apple ‘Neural Engine’ AI processor tipped in development

Apple is developing a chip called ‘Neural Engine’ that will be dedicated to artificial intelligence tasks, according to new sources. This AI processor will handle things like speech recognition, facial recognition, and other ‘advanced capabilities’ for Apple products. Artificial intelligence tasks will reportedly be handled by this new dedicated chip rather than the device’s primary processor, he...

Watch ‘Terminator 2’ recreated entirely with Grand Theft Auto V

We’ve seen bits and pieces of movies created in other mediums, everything from pieced-together scenes from other movies to ones recreated with LEGOs, clay, animation, and more. This newly surfaced video from ‘Kramer’s Media’ may trump them all, though, if for no other reason than its creator’s sheer determination and willingness to follow through on a project: the entirety of … Continue reading

We were so wrong about Jupiter

NASA has received the first results from its Juno mission to Jupiter, and the findings are surprising. Researchers long held certain assumptions about Jupiter, things that Juno’s early findings have challenged. One of the surprising discoveries were the massive storms on the planet, ones with cyclones as large as our own planet. As well, current measurements indicate that Jupiter’s magnetic … Con...

In Monster Hunter XX, Nintendo Switch gets the Capcom title it deserves

Capcom has already thrown some support behind the Nintendo Switch in releasing Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (out today, as luck would have it), but it just ramped up support for the console in a big way. Capcom revealed today that a new Monster Hunter game – Monster Hunter XX – will make its way to Nintendo’s newest … Continue reading

Finally, the Moto 360 2nd Gen Android 2.0 update is here

Motorola’s long-anticipated Android 2.0 update for the Moto 360 2nd Gen has finally begun rolling out, though owners of the smartwatch may still have to wait to see it. Wearers of the watch, launched in late 2015, had been left in limbo waiting for Motorola to get around to pushing out Google’s updated version of its OS, which adds features … Continue reading

Bitcoin price on the rise, 1-day value drops return

While Friday is generally a profit taking sort of day for stock markets around the world, Bitcoin seems to be moving in the opposite direction. This adds up, of course, since here in the warmer months of 2017, many traders in the cryptocurrency make use of Bitcoin as their trading currency, choosing to value their quick-trade coins in the slightly … Continue reading

Kyocera DuraForce PRO brings toughness to T-Mobile’s lineup

Once upon a time, users who needed a very rugged smartphone had to compromise on performance. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past these days. Sure, the Kyocera DuraForce PRO isn’t exactly the highest, nor the latest, but it isn’t a pushover either. Now the company whose name has become synonymous with extra rugged smartphones, is bringing exactly that to … Continue reading

VibeOnKey app gives your buttons a little shake

The advantage of having keys on the screen is that you have some feedback when pressing them does make something happen. While you can actually feel physical button presses, they don’t always come with that assurance. There might be times when you want to have the same vibration feedback on your hardware keys. There might also be times you want … Continue reading

Android TV’s new UI adds Google Assistant to the big screen

Google Assistant’s arrival on Android TV has long been heralded by Google itself. But, thanks to some juicy partnership, the first and so far only Android TV device to enjoy that was the new NVIDIA SHIELD. Soon, however, it will be joined by other devices, including the Nexus Player, as Google finally rolls out the feature. It won’t be alone, … Continue reading

Cloak & Dagger exploits Android accessibility, overlay features

The phrase “cloak and dagger” is often used to refer to acts of subterfuge and espionage, almost always naughty things. That term is indeed apt for this latest set of exploits on Android that use those tactics to ensnare unwitting users. A set of vulnerabilities rather than a single one, these exploits abuse otherwise useful, even critical, features of the … Continue reading

OnePlus 3T dicontinued, most likely because of OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 3T is probably the most short-lived non-explosive flagship and probably OnePlus’ most controversial yet. It launched barely half a year after the OnePlus 3 was launched, bearing slightly upgraded hardware and royally pissing of its fans. Now it is making yet another controversial move. While not explicitly saying so, OnePlus has practically revealed that stocks of the OnePlus … Contin...

AmazonFresh Pickup finally opens its doors in Seattle

It’s no Amazon physical store, but it’s the closest you’ll currently get to one. Amazon has finally made its AmazonFresh Pickup service available to the public, but only if you reside in Seattle. While Amazon would still prefer that its users have their fresh groceries delivered directly, the drive-in pickup could help convince those still reluctant customers to embrace the … Continue reading

Facebook tipped in video deal with Vox Media and more

Facebook is rumored to be launching its own video service, one that will compete with things like Snapchat and YouTube, and it has just signed a deal with several big media companies as part of this. Such information comes from recently surfaced sources stating Facebook has penned a deal with Vox Media, Group Nine Media, ATTN, BuzzFeed and more. Content … Continue reading

Lyft Lux and Lux SUV brings high-class options to riders

Uber has long offered a high-end service for customers who want to rent a luxurious ride, something for a nice night out or a good first impression. Now Lyft has finally gotten into that game, offering its own high-end service. Called Lyft Lux, this new option gives Lyft customers the ability to order a ‘luxurious ride’ that is operated by … Continue reading

Tesla brings in new HR leader following mistreatment allegations

Tesla is in the midst of heavy criticism following allegations from workers and others over working conditions. A report surfaced recently via The Guardian claiming poor Tesla factory worker conditions resulting in one hundred ambulance visits over the last three years. While these allegations continue to roll in, Tesla has announced the appointment of a new HR leader, not stating … Continue read...

Blippar AI app is like Shazam for cars

If you walk into a store, only to hear the latter half of an interesting song playing over the store’s speakers, you can identify what it is using the app Shazam. This same kind of functionality has now been been launched for cars, though not by the company behind Shazam. Called Blippar, this app can tell you the make and … Continue reading

1900-year-old slingshot with lead ammo was as deadly as a handgun

Ancient Roman soldiers wielded slingshots with lead ammo that, when used properly, could kill someone in a way that isn’t dissimilar from a modern handgun. The information comes from researchers who recently experimented with the old technology to gauge its effectiveness. The lead ‘bullets’ used in the slingshots are shaped somewhat like small lemons, and those who launched them could … Continue ...