PlayStation Plus price hike announced for EU

PlayStation Plus members in the European Union are getting a rather disappointing bit of news today. Word of a PlayStation Plus price hike for the region has started making the rounds, and this new increase will be going into effect next month. If you want to secure some more PS Plus time at the current price, then, now is the … Continue reading

Destiny 2 PC specs and beta dates are here

Given the somewhat unexpected success of Bungie’s first major franchise outside of Halo, a lot of attention is being poured on Destiny 2, waiting whether it will rise up to the challenge or fall flat. The beta for consoles showed promise but also revealed some rather hard bugs that Bungie promises to iron out before launch. The beta testing, however, … Continue reading

You can now tell Cortana to ask Fitbit about your weight

With all the attention lavished on Alexa, Google Assistant, and, in a not so positive way, Bixby, it’s almost to easy to forget about Siri and, even more so, Cortana. Many might have forgotten that Microsoft just announced back in May its Cortana Skills, analogous to Alexa Skill and Assistant Actions. Which is probably why there are only 66. Actually, … Continue reading

Moto GamePad Mod pre-order starts, exclusive to Verizon

It definitely ain’t no Project Ara, but Motorola’s Moto Mod system does have a critical advantage. It isn’t technologically complex and uncomplicated for consumers. No matter which phone you go for, as long as it belongs to the Moto Z family, you have an implicit guarantee, at least for now, that future Mods will be compatible as well. Take, for … Continue reading

AdUps Chinese spyware still on Android phones, including Blu

They say good things never last and bad things last for ages. That seems to be the case with AdUps, a Chinese “technology firm” that was blatantly installing spyware on countless of Android smartphones worldwide. Despite being involved in a scandal that even got the US Homeland Security’s attention, AdUps’ operation continues and its spyware still infects entry-level and budget … Continue reading

Professor Einstein robot is your own personal teacher

The average consumer can buy a robot that vacuums their carpet, cleans their grill, but how about one that exists solely to educate? Thus enters Professor Einstein, a personal robot measuring more than a foot tall with an appearance like the man after whom it is named. Professor Einstein offers various facial expressions, understands what you’re saying to it, and … Continue reading

LG G6 sales aren’t doing it for the company

The LG G5 was an utter flop last year. But if LG was hoping the G6 would be its salvation, better luck next time. The Korean giant has just released its second quarter financials and, while it’s doing OK over all, its mobile division isn’t turning out to be so healthy. LG says that its mobile business basically saw no … Continue reading

Amazon ‘The Hub’ brings delivery lockers to apartment complexes

Amazon currently offers delivery lockers at certain destinations such as colleges, but it wants to make things even more convenient for its customers. The company has quietly introduced a new product for apartment owners, giving them the option to have Amazon parcel lockboxes installed directly on the property. With these, residents can retrieve their packages from a secured box rather … Continue...

CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone hits PC and Xbox One

When Infinite Warfare arrived, it came in a bundle with a remastered version of Modern Warfare, the fourth game in the franchise’s lineup. That bundling was disappointing to some, but such disappointment was eradicated late last month with the announcement of a standalone copy. While that standalone copy went live on June 27, it was only the for the PlayStation … Continue reading

Sling TV gets pay-per-view: UFC 214 is kicking things off

Sling TV has announced the arrival of pay-per-view on the service, giving subscribers the opportunity to watch events in the same way they would with traditional television services. The very first pay-per-view event to arrive on the service will be UFC 214: Cormier vs Jones 2. This will just be the start of the events, though, something the company says … Continue reading

Samsung Pay may arrive on top Android phones from other companies

Samsung Pay may be arriving on top-tier smartphones from competing companies, according to sources, expanding its presence in the market. The mobile payment platform is a popular alternative to Android Pay and Apple Pay, but it is currently limited to a number of high-end Samsung phones, as well as select lower-range handsets. The company has been in talks with OEMs … Continue reading

Nintendo Switch in stock at GameStop, but there’s a (reasonable) catch

If you’ve been looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch, you’ll be pleased to know that GameStop has them in stock right this minute. The popular console has been hard to find ever since launch, and even though those stock issues have been easing in some areas, they haven’t gotten much better in others. You can get one from GameStop … Continue reading

Apple gets 5G license to test its wireless tech for future iPhones

Though 5G is still years away, companies are already preparing for the faster technology, and Apple is no exception. The company was recently granted a license by the Federal Communications Commission that allows it to test its wireless technology with 5G broadband using both the 28GHz and 39Ghz bands. The testing can be done in two different locations in California. … Continue reading

Elder Scrolls Legends released today (mobile download)

A lot of people were disappointed that there wasn’t a showing from Elder Scrolls VI at E3 2017 last month, so if you need a way to pass the time while we wait for that announcement to eventually arrive, you might want to have a look at Elder Scrolls Legends. Bethesda’s free-to-play card game is going live today on mobile … Continue reading

Google Search autoplay videos are being tested on some users

If you hate Facebook’s autoplaying videos, just wait. Google has introduced the same feature into search results for some users, though it depends on the results you get. The feature has been confirmed by Google as a test, though the company didn’t go into any details. It is limited to desktop at the moment, at least based on user feedback, … Continue reading

WhatsApp just hit a major milestone

Financial reports have been landing over the past couple of days, and in determining the who had a good quarter and who didn’t, we can safely count WhatsApp among the winners. As part of its end-of-quarter financial report, WhatsApp announced that it has surpassed a major milestone in terms of user count. If there was ever any question that WhatsApp … Continue reading

Tardigrade genome sequences reveal mystery of amazing resilience

The tardigrade — or water bear, if you prefer — is an incredibly resilient micro animal capable of surviving conditions that would kill just about everything else on Earth. Research has found the microscopic animal is capable of surviving the radiation of space, freezing temperatures, dehydration, and much more; in fact, it is estimated that the tardigrade will outlive all … Continue reading

Apple kills iPod nano and shuffle

Both the iPod touch models left in this backwards, messed-up world have been given boosts to storage while the classic iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued. It’s like Apple didn’t even care about the people who were putting off buying an iPod shuffle for the past several years – it’s as if they didn’t even think of me! … Continue reading

The Moto Z2 Force hands-on : 2x cameras and a Moto Mod

The Motorola-made Moto Z2 Force is out in reviewers hands – ours included – and today we’re taking a peek at what’s in the box. In our full Moto Z2 Force Review we’ll have a peek at what it means to use this device on a long-term basis. For now, we’re looking at the basics. That means unboxing the device … Continue reading

Twitter’s user growth just came to a halt

Twitter‘s latest round of financials isn’t looking all that hot. The social media company has delivered its reporting for quarter 2, and on top of posting a loss, it also didn’t experience any significant user base growth throughout the three month period. That, as you can probably guess, isn’t very encouraging for a company that still has yet to turn … Continue reading

Trailer: Namco Museum turns Nintendo Switch into vintage arcade cabinet

All the NAMCO games you could possibly want to play will be coming to Nintendo Switch in one single title: Namco Museum. This game’s first full-length launch trailer was launched today, and it looks pretty gosh-darned solid. This “Namco Museum” title has been launched before for other devices – and it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw it again in … Continue reading

Overwatch update enacts stricter penalties for bad behavior

Blizzard has delivered some news that’s encouraging for a lot of its players and scary for a special few: it will begin enacting stricter penalties for toxic behavior in Overwatch. Blizzard has already shown us that it has no problem swinging the banhammer when cheating is involved, but if you’re toxic to your teammates (or even your enemies) it will … Continue reading

AutoTools 2.0 for Android is out: what it is and why you’d want it

If you’re an iPhone power user migrating to Android, you might feel you’re missing out on one of the most powerful automation tools available on iOS: Worklow, not a property of Apple. Sure, there is the equally popular Tasker in the Android world, but, for all the power it offers, it has one or two major flaws. It’s not particularly … Continue reading

YouTube Red, Google Play Music merger confirmed by YouTube exec

Google will soon be consolidating its music streaming strategy, which, in all honesty, is a long time coming. Almost like its confusing assortment of messaging services, music in Google can come from a variety of sources. One is the more obvious Google Play Music, but YouTube, which is normally about streaming videos, also does have music-related offering, including YouTube Red. … Continue readin...