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Astronomers discover what is causing those mysterious cosmic radio bursts

Three thousand thousand thousand years ago, a fast radio burst from the center of a dwarf galaxy far beyond the Milky Way generated as much energy as 500 million suns in milliseconds. And then it came out for an encore. And another. It has done roughly 30 curtain calls in all.

Instagram no longer requires square photos in private messages

Private chats on Instagram are getting even more streamlined -- photos can now be sent without editing, no crop required. The change also comes with in-chat link previews as Instagram continues to refine Direct.

Sea-dwelling mega-reptile the size of a Bus ruled the ancient oceans 130 million years ago, scientists discover

A sea-dwelling reptile the size of a bus has been identified for the first time from a giant fossil found in Russia.

Nintendo Switch is getting a beloved Japanese game and investors are going nuts

The Switch is a monster for Nintendo -- both figuratively and literally.

Study: Fitness trackers suck at measuring calories burned

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine studied seven popular fitness trackers and discovered none of them could accurately measure energy expenditure.

NASA's latest mission could crash the world economy

NASA has set the date for a trip to an asteroid that could be worth “quadrillions” of dollars.

Solar eclipse 2017: what it is, when it's happening and why it's important

On August 21, 2017, the United States will have something happen to it that hasn't happened since Jimmy Carter was President, Sony introduced the Walkman and M*A*S*H was still on TV.The U.S. will go dark.

New Surface Pro keeps best of Pro 4, improves where it counts: hands-on review

With the new Surface Pro, Microsoft made a good thing better.

Mark Zuckerberg: Some tech is a concern, but Facebook isn't one of them

In his Harvard commencement address, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reminisced about his intentions for starting the social network.

Facebook 'trending' getting a little more useful

Now, when you click on a trending topic, you'll see a carousel with stories about it.

Scientists prove that our brains have a little bit of Jedi in them

Have you ever wished you had Jedi powers?

Researchers create high-speed internet lane for when disaster strikes

Researchers from the Rochester Institute of Technology have developed a new internet protocol to help emergency responders communicate without disruption when it's most vital to do so.

This company just launched its first 'made from scratch' rocket

With big names like SpaceX and Blue Origin stealing headlines left and right, smaller space travel startups tend to cruise under the radar.

This smart mannequin aims to improve pat-down procedures at airports

Airport security frisks can sometimes upset passengers, so the TSA is now using a smart mannequin to train officers on how to get the pat-down procedure exactly right while ensuring nothing's missed

Apple likely to update its MacBooks next month

Apple is set to update its MacBooks at its anual developer conference to keep up the arms race after Microsoft recently showed off its latest offerings.

Robots bring apple picking into the 21st century

Few things are American than apple pie, and a new technique that utilizes machines and technology has set out to make apple harvesting more efficient and less daunting on humans.

DARPA is having Boeing build its amazing, experimental spaceplane

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded Boeing a contract to build its spaceplane in an effort to make launching space satellites cheaper and easier.

Discovery of horned 'triceratops-style' dinosaur in North America could rewrite Earth's history

Archaeologists have found the remains of a dinosaur that could reshape our understanding of the natural history of planet Earth.

Westworld-style robots will 'be in our homes' within ten years

Robots that think and feel emotions like humans will enter our homes in as little as ten years.

Alien life may already exist in our galaxy

Saturn’s moon Enceladus, Jupiter’s moon Europa, Pluto and its moon Charon, as well as the dwarf planet Ceres are potential homes for extra-terrestrials, scientists at University of Texas at San Antonio and the Southwest Research Institute claim.

PCs can be hacked via video subtitle files, researchers say

A newly uncovered hacking technique uses malicious subtitle files to take control of a user's system, preying on popular media player software including VLC, Kodi, and Popcorn Time.

Apple is testing next-gen 5G wireless tech for the iPhone

No matter how many iPhones Apple sells in a given quarter, it never seems to be enough for some analysts and tech pundits.

Facebook brings private chat to live broadcasts

Now you can have a private conversation during a public Facebook Live broadcast without leaving the interface.

T-Mobile wants to help pay off your iPhone -- but there's a catch

As the battle for cell phone subscribers wages on between the carriers, T-Mobile has added another arrow to its quiver, encouraging Verizon customers who have an iPhone to switch networks.

Area 51: Leaked video purports alien craft being tested at secret military base

A video from noted conspiracy theorists SecureTeam 10 describes what it calls "leaked" footage of an alien craft at Area 51 in Nevada.

Uber admits stiffing NYC drivers by tens of millions of dollars

Uber on Tuesday admitted to underpaying its New York City drivers tens of millions of dollars for the past 2 1/2 years.

Using AI, this wearable camera picks out the best videos of childhood

Benjamin Button is a wearable camera for kids and parents with an AI software that picks out the best moments. The camera, which designers say is kid-freindly, parent-easy, launched today on Kickstarter.

Google's AlphaGo AI beats human Go champion

An algorithm developed by Google's sister company DeepMind is once again taking on human opponents in the ancient Chinese strategy game of Go.

Freeze-dried Space sperm gives rise to healthy baby mice

Mouse sperm preserved on the International Space Station for nine months gave rise to healthy pups, a new study reveals.

Who's in charge of outer space?

In space, no one can hear you scheme. But here on Earth, plans to go where few have gone before are getting louder by the minute.

Nike's new Apple Watch bands match your shoes

Buying some new Nike running shoes and an Apple Watch at the same time? Might as well make sure the colors match.

Snap continues to innovate; Instagram continues to copy

Snapchat parent company Snap has rolled out two new features to keep users interested and engaged.

Nokia, Apple exploring health tech partnership after patent fight

Apple and Nokia have ended their patent fight and said they're planning to explore 'future collaboration in digital health initiatives.'