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Bunny Ranch crash: Masked man slams tractor trailer into brothel

A masked man crashed his tractor trailer into Bunny Ranch brothel before dawn Thursday.

Ariana Grande vows to return to Manchester: 'We won't let this divide us'

Ariana Grande wrote a heartfelt tweet Friday in which she vowed to return to Manchester after a terrorist attack outside of her Monday night concert took the lives of 22 people.

Manchester terror attack suspects: What we know so far

The terror attack in Manchester, England, killed 22 people and wounded dozens of others.

New Hampshire inn sees surge of business as Navy yard expands

It’s a familiar sight: employees of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the staff at The Port Inn palling around on a first-name basis in the lobby of the hotel. They catch up, crack jokes and discuss the day’s events.

Airplane passenger tries to bite flight attendant before jumping out of aircraft

The man is facing federal charges and up to 20 years in prison.

British military writes 'Love from Manchester' on ISIS-bound missile

Members of the Royal Air Force wrote a personal message on a missile targeting ISIS fighters after the militant group claimed responsibility for Monday's deadly attack at an Ariana Grande concert.

Presidents Bush and Obama to blame for harm caused by illegal immigrant deported 17 times

Former Presidents Bush and Obama owe a personal apology to the family of a California boy gravely injured by an illegal alien. They should also pay for the child’s medical bills.

Chinese fighter jets buzz US Navy surveillance plane outside Hong Kong

Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets flew within 200 yards of a U.S. Navy P-3 surveillance plane approximately 150 miles southeast of Hong Kong in international airspace this week, a U.S. defense official told Fox News on Friday.

Kentucky girls disappear after funeral for father stabbed to death

Kentucky detectives said Friday they are searching for a missing 13-year-old girl and her young sister who may have been abducted by their mother after their father’s funeral.

How did dinosaurs evolve into birds?

Scientists may have finally worked out how dinosaurs evolved into birds.Experts have isolated a genetic sequence which they believe was present in dinosaurs before and during their evolution into birds.

Dr. Beach lists America's best beaches of 2017

Dr. Beach has made a career out of ranking and studying beaches around the United States.

Shaquille O'Neal horrifies viewers with bare foot

Shaquille O'Neal horrified fans when he removed his sock and shoe to expose his bare foot during TNT’s halftime report of Thursday’s Cavs-Celtics Game 5. Host Ernie Johnson was in the middle of asking the athlete a question when suddenly Shaq exclaimed, "Check out at those claws."

Hunter gets attacked by black bear, catches it on video

He walked away with only minor injuries.

Miley Cyrus: It's clear why I don't drink anymore

Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to wish her older sister Brandi Cyrus a happy birthday.

Amid North Korea dangers, US to launch first-of-its-kind missile intercept test

The Pentagon announced plans to launch an intercontinental-ballistic missile in the next few days, similar to the recent weapons tests from North Korea.

Debra Messing has a really long list of allergies

“Will & Grace” diva Debra Messing issued a long list of banned items she is allergic to before gracing a magazine event in Manhattan.

Disney CEO Bob Iger says hacker threat over stolen movie was a hoax

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the company received a threat from a group of hackers who claimed to have stolen one of their films.

Egypt bus attack: Coptic Christians targeted, at least 28 killed

A team of gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians south of Cairo Friday, killing at least 28, including children, and wounding 22 other people, Egyptian officials confirmed.

Ghost ship washes up on Florida beach

An empty hopper barge that was being towed by another boat broke loose of its cables and was carried on the waves before being grounded near a rock jetty along the Gulf of Mexico

Manchester attack: Father's open letter to Ariana Grande goes viral

A father of three young girls has written a now-viral open letter to Ariana Grande after she apologized to her fans following the terrorist attack in Manchester, England, Monday, where she had just performed.

Connecticut, home to great wealth, may be sinking into a fiscal mire

Home to Yale University with its $25-billion endowment, numerous high-flying hedge funds and top-drawer celebrities ensconced in opulent estates worth tens of millions of dollars, Connecticut is a portrait of wealth and boasts the highest per capita income of any American state.

Tish Cyrus on marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus: 'We've publicly gone through stuff and made it work'

Nearly 25-years of marriage does not come easy and Tish Cyrus is the first to admit that.

Jay Leno takes delivery of his 2017 Ford GT

Car-crazy comedian Jay Leno just added a 2017 Ford GT to his collection.

Instagram star Alexis Ren reveals she suffered from an eating disorder

Here's what she wants other women to know.