Understanding C/C++ Code Behavior by Analyzing Assembler Output

A discussion on how Visual C/C++ code works with bit-wise logical and shift operators, as well as a loop optimization.

Application Architecture - First Know Dependency Before Dependency Injection

This article is about dependency, type of Dependency, its use, advantages and disadvantages; as well as it will cover Dependency Inversion, Inverse of Control, and IOC Framework.

Software Testing - Best Practice And Principles To Write Unit Testing

This article will cover basic testing concept, best practice and principles to write unit testing, how to write test data for unit testing and naming convention using Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

Technical due diligence checklist

A useful list when licensing/buying technology assets into your organisation or taking on ownership of an existing project yourself.

Showing method parameter values in Callstack window

An easier way to show parameter values of chain of methods from Visual Studio

WPF Logging Framework using PRISM, MEF, and Reactive Extensions

The start of a logging framework in WPF showing off PRISM, MEF, and Reactive Extensions.

Application Architecture - What's The Matter With Being STUPID Before Being SOLID

This topic will cover the bad design practice using STUPID and good design practice using SOLID. Detail explanation for Single Single Responsibility Principle, Open and Closed Principle, Liskov Substitution Principle, Interface Segregation Principle and Dependency Inversion (DI) Principle.

Easy OpenCL Multiple Device Load Balancing and Pipelining For C#: Cekirdekler API

Multi-device OpenCL load balancer and pipeliner for C# in few lines of code.

Simple OAuth2 Authorization Server with Identity Server and .NET Core

A guided walk-through to build a simple Authorization Server and enable a Client Credentials workflow using Identity Server and .NET Core

Solving optimization problems with Microsoft Solver Foundation

This article shows real-world example of solving LP and NP optimization problems with Microsoft Solver Foundation

Cinchoo - Simplified Configuration Manager

Easy configuration management in .NET

Using Cookies with PHPUnit and Symfony Basic Client

Introduction I was writing and running some simple PHPUnit functional tests using the Symfony basic client (as described here), and after authenticating (submitting a form), I noticed the client didn’t have any cookies set; or at least it appears that way.

Difference between IQueryable and IEnumerable interfaces

This article give us an overview of the difference between two very common generic interfaces in our projects such IQueryable and IEnumerable

PHPUnit Code Coverage in Symfony

Introduction I’ve been creating some unit tests and functional tests for a Symfony application that I’m currently developing and I wanted to share some of those experiences. PHPUnit has a number command line options that you can specify when running it, including a very useful “&#8

Asynchronous Multicast Delegates in C++

A C++ standards compliant delegate library capable of targeting any callable function synchronously or asynchronously.

Simple PHPUnit Functional Tests in Symfony

Introduction For a TRIO project I’m working on for Taft College, I needed to run some PHPUnit Functional tests for the TRIO Forms system I’m developing. Testing in Symfony is well documented. In this article, I will show is simple Functional test example.

Modal search and select item dialog for Asp.NET

Ajax search modal dialog with item selection

Microsoft Cognitive Services Overview

A quick tour of MS Cognitive Services that might inspire some new ideas!

Chain of Responsibility and Strategy pattern using Task C#

Simple design idea to use Task class and implement batch processing of requests

Accessing Environment Variables in ASP.NET 5 Apps

This is a quick walk-through of how to access environmental variables when writing applications using the ASP.NET 5 DNX execution environment.

Public-Domain HTML 3D Library

A public domain JavaScript library for easing the development of HTML 3D applications

How To Effectively Unit Test Validation Logic

Validation is an important part of form design. It provides guidance for our users. It informs the business rules surrounding the capture of data in our systems. Because it's a key part of form creation, we need to test it very carefully. A lot of the time, this testing is very manual. Does this so

Securing ASP.NET Web API using Custom Token Based Authentication

In this article, we are going to learn how to web API using custom token based authentication.

Deploying multiple web apps to Elastic Beanstalk

Deploy an core and mvc app to same beanstalk server

JavaScript Design pattern

How to implement Module design pattern in JavaScript

zTrace 3 (for 64-bit only)

Debugging utility

Boolean parameters and code readability

Annotating parameters vs Rewriting methods for code readability

Create React App with an Express Backend

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Create React App is an awesome way to get started with React. It creates a project structure for you, all set up and ready to go. You get to skip the configuration of Webpack and Babel, and get right down to writing your app. But what if your app isn’t purel

Classic Visual Basic should have been designed better from the start

After years of learning how Windows works under the “hood”, as a WIN32 API programmer, I can look back at classic Visual Basic from a different perspective and see how it could have been designed better right from the start. As a long time BASIC programmer, I appreciated how easy it was

Oh! The Irony ...

CodeProjectIf you peruse any decent book or blog regarding "good" coding practices, "naming things properly" is usually near the top of the list of recommendations to follow. This is actually quite important. Most recently, at a recent client's site, I took over the maintenance of a WPF application.

SPA Using Angular 2, ASP.NET Core 1.1 and Entity Framework Core (Part 2)

This is the second part of the series where we learn how setup an Angular 2 with .NET Core

StringLib C: Library Adding String Type to C

C library defining string type and string manipulation functions

Simplest Way to Use JQuery Date Picker and Date Time Picker in ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC

This is the simplest way to use JQuery Date Picker and Date Time Picker in ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC with many customization according to your requirement.

SPA^2 using ASP.Net Core 1.1 + Angular 4.0 - part 9

Publishing the ASP.Net Core 1.1 / Angular 4 SPA to Azure and external IIS hosts. Also covering code cleanup, optimization, bundling and minification. Gulp, Grunt, Webpack and some architecture and development philosophy.

WPF: Realtime threadsafe UI Update

If you need realtime, really fast, cross-threading UI updates without freezing, this tip can be helpful!