Generating Kronecker Product Based Fractals

Understanding, designing, generating and plotting Kronecker product based fractals and offering web-pages supporting it.

Solving Real-World Machine Learning Problems with Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library

In this article, we will talk about criteria you can use to select correct algorithms based on two real-world machine learning problems that were taken from the well-known Kaggle platform used for predictive modeling and from analytics competitions where data miners compete to produce the best model

Parallel STL: Boosting Performance of C++ STL Code

Parallel STL is a significant step in the evolution of C++ toward parallel execution, making it easily applied to STL algorithms during code modernization and the development of new applications

HPC with R: The Basics

We’ll begin with a little history and some basics that everyone who picks up R and cares about performance ought to know.

Happy 20th Birthday, OpenMP

Making Parallel Programming Accessible to C/C++ and Fortran Programmers―and Providing a Software Path to Exascale Computation

Adding Angular Material in ASP.NET Core Angular SPA template

This article shows you how to add Angular Material in ASP.NET Core AngularSpa template

General Purpose MultiSlider

Comprehensive Multi-Slider(-Range) that can add, delete and move arrows (thumbs)

SqlServer Clr functions utility

I developed this dll to have more powerfull utility and to simplify sp and query.

Story of Equality in .Net - Part 6

This article explains how Equals method and == operator behave differently for String class

Story of Equality in .NET - Part 4

This article is the continuation of the previous three articles regarding how Equality works in .NET, the purpose is to give developers a more clear understanding on how .NET handles equality for types.

A utility to help you wait for ports to open

There are occasions where you might need to have scripts or commands which wait for TCP/IP ports to open before you continue. I've come across this need again and again when working with microservices, to make my life easier I've created a little utility called wait-port which will wait

Story of Equality in .NET - Part 5

This article is in the continuation of a series of articles regarding how Equality works in .NET and it is specific to how Equality operator works for reference types.

Execute JavaScript Code from ASP.NET Core Back-end Using NodeServices

This article shows how to execute JavaScript code from ASP.NET core server-side using NodeServices.

Fundamental Model and DB Entity Design Considerations

Fundamental model and entity design considerations for DB applications using MV* patterns based on Martin Fowler's PEAA and DDD.

Reducing KnpPaginatorBundle Database Queries

Introduction If you are not familiar with the KnpLabs KnpPaginatorBundle and how to use it with Symfony applications, you might want to read up on it. The GitHub page does say it is a Symfony 2 bundle, however, it does work perfectly with Symfony 3. Why would you use it?

The meaning of 'null'

What is the meaning of null? How is null implemented? When should you use null in your source code, and when should you not use it? These are the questions answered in this article.

Object Oriented JavaScript Class Library in C#/.NET Style

JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.

Custom Directive for Creating Chart using AngularJS and angular-google-chart

This article will be helpful for plotting charts in AngularJs.

Getting Started with SkiaSharp with Xamarin Forms

A couple of months back I wrote about Using OxyPlot with Xamarin Forms, where we created a few graphs to show data, what if a [...]

All Master in One Place

We don’t need to create table for every master or enum

Video Poker

Classic, Arcade-Style Video Poker

Test Driven Chess Artificial Intelligence

Chess engine and simple chess user interface

Introduction to Machine Learning

In this and the following articles on Machine Learning to figure out whatMachine Learning is and what can be achieved with it

Millenium Problem Solved ?!

Implementation of a polynomial time algorithm searching Hamilton cycles in an undirected graph

Using Cron Job to Adjust Time

Using Cron job to adjust time

Units and measures for C++ 11

Type quantities according to the units in which they are measured. A complete implementation of units of measurement as a data type for C++ 11.

Using JavaScript's Implicit Setters and Getters

Already available from ES5.1 (and even supported by IE 9), JavaScript's set and get methods have not been used very widely. Their main use case is the implementation of a best practice in OOP.

Building A Slideshow App Using SignalR

Use SignalR to create a Slideshow app which asynchronously updates all web clients so they see the same slide you are seeing.

Number recognition with MLP Neural Network

English Number recognition with Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network (MLP)

All About MFC Serialization

Describes all aspects of MFC serialization mechanism

SqlDependency .NET library can work to detect updates automatically

SqlDependency ,can be used to pick changes without executing query to see there is any update from database , WHERE CLAUSE can also be applied for narrowing scope, Its way to push changes from SQL Server to SQLDependency , .NET library , SQL Server Broker service sends updates to SQLDependency.

Multithreaded communication for GPIB/Visa/Serial interfaces

synchronous/asynchronous control via multiple interfaces with command queuing

Angular2 & WebApi(SPA) for Enterprise App - Part 3 - Project Structure

This tip explains how we should structure our project folder

Single Page Application (SPA) for Enterprise App (Angular2 & WebApi) - Part 2 - Add new Permission

In this article, we will learn how to create/edit Role