Mike Pence's new puppy and kitten have no idea what they just got into

 yahoo.com  6/19/2017 8:28:56 PM   Sasha Lekach

Vice President Mike Pence keeps filling Trump's pet-less White House with his own collection of animals. 

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Over Father's Day weekend, Pence was back in Indiana where he was surprised with a new puppy, Harley.

Harley already took a flight on Air Force Two and is getting the lay of Veep-land in Washington, D.C. 

Harley joins the Pence family after their beagle Maverick died just before the election. Even though Harley is the first and only Second Dog, there are plenty of other Pence pets. This weekend in Indiana the family also brought home a new kitten, Hazel. 

Earlier this month Oreo, one of the family cats who had joined along on Air Force Two back in January, died. The black-and-white cat (the Pences got creative with the name) was 13 years old. But the Pences still have kitty Pickle, and we can't forget about their rabbit, Marlon Bundo — another gem of a pet name.

And back in Mississippi with Pence's son, Michael, is the family pet snake, Sapphira. That's the one animal that hasn't made it to the capital yet.

We hope Harley's transition to political life isn't too stressful for a young pup. Harley's arriving as everything heats up in D.C. — and not just the weather.

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