Govt starts selling Tk 30/kg rice to stabilise market  9/17/2017 6:35:27 PM  2

The government on Sunday started the open market sale (OMS) of coarse varieties of rice at the rate of Tk 30 per kilogramme across the country.

Food minister Quamrul Islam told UNB that the OMS scheme aims to provide rice at low price among the people has started across the country except few places.“From tomorrow, it will be provided all over the country,” he said. Though on 14 September, the government had declared to sell rice under the OMS programme at Tk 15, but finally the rice hit the market at its double price.

After being asked about the price hike, the minister said that “The price of rice was Tk 30 in the normal markets when we decided to sale per kg rice at Tk 15, but now the price has risen to Tk 50, so we decided to keep the OMS rice at Tk 30.”

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